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    How To Activate Windows 10 - [Crack]
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    [NOT CRACKED] [EXTREMELY HARD] | NET Auth V1 | Crack Me | Online | 800 Views

    Post a picture and tell how you cracked it if you want. Virus Scan It took me 4 hours to make this. Now I think it can be cracked lets see. Download If you can't get it to close just kill the...
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    c++ crack me... fairly hard.

    ok, if you can jmp to the "correct" prompt, you get a cookie. if you can modify the password to be correct, you get 10 Internets. if you can recover the original password, then type it in by hand, you win :) sorry about the low post count, apparently my old account was stolen and is now banned...
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    [Cracked (after 8 days)][NOT OBFUSCATED] IMPOSSIBLE CRACK ME

    Ok so this is my crackme... it's not a regular crackme so have fun It's the first crackme written with ASM.Net All you need to do is changing the If/Else statement Easy stuff right ? Well this is all code in .net reflector so I save your time even opening it new AsmNet(new...
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    [MEDIUM] Crack Me - By Exploit [VB6]

    So I just quickly wrote up VB6 Application and I want to see how long it will take you guys to "crack" it. What it should look like when you're done: Download Link: vScan 1/35:
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    GNeT's Crack Me!

    First one was easy, let's see about this one. :P Screenshot: Download: VT Scan: Have fun!
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    GNeT's Crack Me!

    Well, I wanted to see how well my first crack me does, and if it's hard to crack, have fun! -GNeT Screenshot: Download: VT Scan: (For those who think I'm going to infect)
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    [Beginner] Crack and Keygen Me []

    This is a very simple crack me created in It is meant for beginners to learn from, not for advanced and intermediate crackers. Objective: To put your hackforums username in the first box and your serial number in the second box. If you can manage that, then create a keygen that will...
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    [TUT] How to Crack Programs For Beginners with IDA Pro

    In this simple tutorial you'll learn the basics of statically patching a program. We will be using IDA Pro to crack an easy crackme, you'll need: - IDA Pro - Basic Knowledge of the x86/x86_64 architecture, assembly and intel syntax. - Patience Alright, so let's start with this one: It's only...
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    Program to crack yahoo emails - Hotmail - Gmail 2012 Or
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    Auto Hide IP & Crack

    Install the AutoHideIP- then don't run it. Copy the file AutoHideIP.exe and paste it in program files. Click like on this post and enjoy. Downlaod:
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    RDP/VPS Crack Method Tutorial

    RDP/VPS Crack Method Tutorial In this method we will use nmap + Dubrute Download link : This methos should work in VPS or RDP no in ur own pc Steps : Nr.1 We install nmap on our rdp . Nr.2 open windows batcher file to scan ips Nr.3 After...