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    [How To] Website Security/Optimize Peformance [Important]

    ------- Exploit #1 (WebDav) ------- How do I know if this could apply to me? Your website and/or website is hosted on your computer, vps, or dedicated server. To host your server you're using any of the following web servers; XAMPP, WAMPP. You have apache running on your computer, vps, or...
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    Coupons PCS Mastercard Website Cardable

    Recharges PCS Mastercard par Carte Bancaire Carding Website : 20€ - 50€ - 100€ - 150€ USE VPN - No SOCK5
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    Website Nuker

    Website Nuker Here is the Website Nuker , use it without the http:// portocol : Let me know how it works. I haven't had the time to try it but I have downloaded it. Download:
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    [TUT] How to scan and exploit website vulnerabilities. (Noobs can too)

    Hey! In this tutorial i will be teaching you to scan and exploit sites. First you need computer running Linux or phone running kali nethunter. Then open command shell First type: cd root Type: git clone https :// github(dot)com/1N3/Sn1per.git Then type cd Sn1per And chmod +x
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    Website Hacking Toolz Collection
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    Wow1 How to Access Any Website Or Forum Without Registering

    All websites and forums will block unregistered users, but they won?t block Google Bot. What we will do is to switch our User Agent to that of Google Bot and freely browse any website or forum without registering. First grab the add-on for Firefox called ?user agent? here and install it. Now...
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    Free CCV Checking Website - AUSTRALIAN CARDS

    ------------------------ i use this for all my australian ccvs to make sure they are valid, the site is from the largest telco down under. all you do is make a 1cent transaction and it will approve the payment meaning the ccv is valid. no flags are...